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For some, shabby chic canvas art is for girls. Granted, Daddy's Little Girl, Daddy's Little Cherub, and Mummy's Little Angel are quite girlish indeed but the collection does not stop there. Shabby chic is actually designed to bring humor and a splash of style to the home. Art and some art forms can seem so serious, that it is quite refreshing to be able to let your hair down every now and again. Some things may sound cliche like Home Sweet Home but for many of us, cliches are cliches because they reflect the feeling in our hearts no matter where we are from.

Another sign that may seem cliche but can be a part of most any home that has a bit of good sibling rivalry going on is the No Girls Allowed canvas. Funny how it is that boys and girls and sometimes seem so far apart and yet boys and girls are what hold the world together. The other items that might find their way into a boy's room or the man cave would be the variations of the Union Jack Flag. Whether in a vintage style, distressed and cracked to look old and antique, or the vintage military style, all of the Union Jack canvases have a style and flair all their own.

Every home needs just a touch of inspiration and encouragement and Dream Canvas, the Love Canvas, and the We Can't All Be Stars canvas allow the two little birds to whisper some simple reminders to keep us on track as we go through our day.

Even a good old American Flag or a Distressed American Flag may find its way into your home just for that special little place. All of the canvases are in colors and styles to fit any decor and blend in to make your house feel more like home. We all need to show their homes are to be lived in and cared for not simply a museum for our belongings. Using the shabby chic helps bring an area or a room comfort and a sense of welcoming. Museums are great for magazines but homes are meant to be enjoyed and lived in.

While setting the design or the theme for a home, sometimes we get so caught up in the beauty of things that our homes become starchy and uncomfortable. Think about a place to be a refuge for you, your children, and generations to come. Let all styles be blended to give your home a unique feeling of comfort and love.