Thanks, Coach

Sports can be very important in a child’s life for so many reasons. A good coach with a strong ethical background can be monumental in teaching a child from the beginning how to be gracious during wins and losses.

A Photo In Canvas of the group being coached is an excellent gift of appreciation to show the coaches of your children how much you appreciate their contribution. From the very first T-ball swing to college baseball or football, coaches are the leaders that sometimes go unnoticed. Group pictures can fill a photo album, but that special picture in canvas can be hung proudly on the wall in the coach’s office or in a hallway trophy case. Collage Photos In Canvas can capture the best moments of a winning season or key moments from a championship game. Precious memories and friends to last a lifetime start with kids and spring sports. Let Photo In Canvas capture those moments for coaches, parents, child players, sponsors, and other affiliated folks who work hard to keep summer sports alive for children of all ages. Sometimes just a bit of appreciation can make the day of someone who is working hard and may feel unnoticed or unappreciated. Pictures from Photo In Canvas can cure that feeling for them.

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Canvas is a collector’s friend

A canvas photo print is a classy way to complete your personal collection. It can elevate a collection into an entire theme for a room.

Elevate your collection to the next level…

Having a hobby or collection that you are passionate about is a truly wonderful thing. It can fill a person with purpose or pride and bring about a sense of fulfillment in their off-time. An excellent way to show this pride is with pictures, and nothing truly brings a picture to life like having a canvas print of it. Sometimes a collection can’t be properly displayed without capturing pieces of it in a single moment. For example, say you have a passion for a collectible card game or a well fleshed out fictional world. The cards or figurines of characters themselves would be easy to display, but if you went to a related tournament or convention dressed in theme that would be tricky. A costume might be displayable, but having a canvas photo print of you in the costume is a better showcase and provides context. This personal moment would be a perfect crown to your collection, and a photo canvas print ensures that the moment is preserved. In addition to items that need a live element (like costumes) if collection items are too large to display in the house a canvas print may be your only option. After all, you can’t fit a Batmobile in your living room.

Canvas is an excellent complement to any collection.

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Remember Where We Parked!

Recalculating! Our new cars speak to us! Even older vehicles can be equipped with talking GPS systems that make an old style, folding map obsolete.

But as we strive to make our lives simpler and map the world from satellites far above the earth, we lose the artistic value of mapmaking.

PhotosOnCanvas experts can take a photo of an antique hand drawn map to make a beautiful original canvas print for an office, den, or library. Need an aerial of the business office? PhotosOnCanvas experts can take an aerial photo shot to give an extra special ‘you are HERE’ importance to any location (with an aerial from online or a township source).

Where we are and where we are going literally and figuratively can be combined in extraordinary detail in collage prints or a split panel canvas, which would add a stunning realism to any office. Need a centerpiece? Make a large wall map with your choice of white edge, black edge or photo edge borders. Surround it with smaller canvases of ground level views. We are ready to help you design a satisfying piece of artwork to be enjoyed for many years. Click the Upload Your Image link – call freephone 0800-630-0610 9am to 5pm or email us

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Art Is What Makes Us Human

When the word art is mentioned, images of oil canvases and sculptures flow into most people’s minds. Museum walls covered with priceless works of the masters are what some people refer to as art.

But art can be a state of mind and heart as well.

Art is personal. Art comes from the heart. Would we have more love for an ancient earless face daubed by a master than we would for the wedding photos of our only child or grandchild? Would the drab black cloak of the most famous stone faced woman be more important that the first photo of the most gorgeous child in the world? Not necessarily to the parent or grandparent. PhotosOnCanvas professionals believe that art is a symbol of whatever lives in your heart, to be shared to the world. If it can be captured by a camera, PhotosOnCanvas can make your most important memories into art to be passed down through your family for years to come. By ordering a photo montage or split panel canvas, your photographs can be expertly mounted on fine canvas and used as part of a room to room grouping or a standalone center for an entire wall. Click the Upload Your Image link – call freephone at 0800-630-0610 9am to 5pm or email us with your questions today!

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Don’t Forget the Candid Moments

Three of the most important events of our lives are weddings, childbirth, and milestone anniversaries such as ten, fifteen, to fifty and above. Both posed and candid photographs are taken by the hundreds at such events and for the first few months of a baby’s life.

But what if one special moment could be frozen forever on an exquisite Photo in Canvas and mounted on a forever frame to be enjoyed for generations.

Posed photos provide a visual recording of the events, and weddings are notorious for prancing everyone around for all the assorted poses to fit every possible combination of couple, wedding party, family, and friends. But a candid, special moment’s photo of the happy couple may make the best Photo in Canvas selection. So what if it isn’t the very first instant the new child is placed in the hospital nursery, the first steps of that new mom and baby over the threshold of home are much more memorable. And after twenty, thirty, or fifty years, those candid memories can be added to the new anniversary memory shots, not just the posed, “smile for the camera, I’m so happy to still be alive” photos.

Catch the special candid moments and transfer them to Photo in Canvas for a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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Immortalizing Heroes

Recently at the ComicCon Event in Philadelphia, PA. USA, an amazing gathering took place.

The captains of the Star Ship Enterprise, the Star Ship Voyager, and the Deep Space Nine (DS9 Station formerly Terock Nor) were gathered for a photo.

A Picture In Canvas would be a monumental way to capture this historic event for future generations. Perhaps most phenomenal of this photograph is the age difference between William Shatner (Captain James Tiberius Kirk) birthdate March 22, 1931 and the youngest captain for the series spinoffs Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway) birthdate April 29, 1955. Star Trek fans worldwide would hail this as a monumental moment since many of the actors from the original Star Trek series (September 8, 1966 – June 3, 1969) have already passed away. And yet the series continues to find new reincarnations as cartoons, spinoffs, movies, video games, merchandise figures and collector plates, and a vast collection of mass market paperback novels based on these characters. To have a Photo In Canvas to memorialize this event earlier in 2012 would quite a jewel for a Trekkie’s collection. Think of other heroes of movies, comic books, sports, hometown military heroes, and all other people we look up to as beautiful Picture In Canvas artwork to be proudly displayed in any home or office.

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Canvas prints allow you to rotate your decorations.

Every season has its own decorations. There’s no need to stick with the same décor all year round, canvas photo prints allow you to increase your seasonal options.

A canvas for every occasion…

As spring comes the winter wreaths are put away and the flowers come out. For some people the Christmas lights are packed up or New Year’s decorations thrown out. Regardless of which holidays you celebrate, the cycling of décor is often a welcome change to the routine. Canvas photo prints from Photo in Canvas make for personally relevant and high quality decorations that can easily be changed with the seasons. In the spring you can use your photos of bright sunflowers to bring cheer, in the fall the changing leaves make for a classic motif. Summer can be shown with canvas prints of the beach or vacations, while snowmen can decorate your walls in the winter. Even prints for particular holidays can be had, making any event more festive! Compared to other wall hanging decorations, like framed photos or wreaths, canvas prints are much easier to handle. Not having bulky outer frames and coming in standard formats allow Photo in Canvas prints to be neatly stored or rotated out as desired. Canvas prints are much sturdier and stand up better to prolonged storage than more fragile decorations, such as holiday lights or dried flowers. Photo canvas prints allow you to have an impressive theme in your home for every season.

Rotating your decorations is easy with canvas prints.

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Canvas captures your cooking creations

Whether you are a beginning chef or a master of cuisine, canvas prints can help you show off your skills. Canvas photo prints of your culinary creations are the perfect complement for your small diner, cozy coffee shop, or even your home kitchen!

Looks good enough to eat…

Cooking is an art form that will never go out of style; people will always need to eat. A lot of what separates good cooks from great chefs is having food that not only tastes good but looks great as well. Presentation of the food is important, but how can you remember your tasty triumphs after they’ve been served and customers sated? By taking photos of your food after it’s finished you can preserve your cooking creations in memory. Photo In Canvas will make sure that your palate pleasing art pieces are captured as lasting art décor pieces as well. You can order smaller canvas prints if you just want to showcase your cooking improvements at home, or you can order large wall pieces to show off your skill to customers in your commercial shop. Carefully crafted cakes can bedeck your bakery or masterfully marked meats can beautify your bar. Regardless, canvas prints are a great way to capture the memory of your cooking creations while adding flavor to your furnishings.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Graduation Memory Time

The tassels have their place on the car mirror, the hats have been thrown in the air, the diplomas placed on the wall, but what will best help the day’s joy last forever?

Whether it is a college graduation or high school, having a Photo In Canvas is a way to keep the day forever crisp in your mind. Many adults are going back to school and graduating from college at the same time as their kids graduate from high school. What better way to honor the bond and respect than a Photo In Canvas to become a family heirloom? Shadow boxes can be used for tassels, cords, invitations, and other mementos. Hanging a beautiful Photo In Canvas with the grouping, or a set of collage prints of the special day is a way to create a showplace. Cap and gown professional photos are beautiful, but a candid shot of the student accepting the diploma and walking across the stage is the real moment. The grouping could include prom pictures, sports achievements, high school letter from a jacket, the choices are endless to create a snapshot of one of the most important times in a person’s life. Start a grouping today and you may be adding weddings shots before you know it.

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Classy alternative to bare windows or bad views

Remember when people had roll-up shades instead of venetian blinds or vertical blinds? Remember when the world was not hardly so cramped and you could leave your windows open?

In many cases today, we are just piled on top of each other too much to have any privacy whatsoever and our view to nature is sacrificed. But what if you could have the view outside and privacy? Picture on Canvas can do exactly that for you. By opening the window to get a clear view, taking a digital photograph of the outside view, converting the photo to a beautiful Picture on Canvas, and attaching it to a roll-up shade, you CAN have the view from outside and the privacy of a shade. Perhaps many people simply solve this problem with a boring generic landscape picture, but a true Picture on Canvas of the actual view outside gives the warmth and personal touch needed to make a house a home. A beautiful photo from each season could capture the moments more brilliantly.

Stunning spring and summer flowers, multi-colored fall leaves and the sparkling of snow in the winter, captured by digital photo and transformed into a unique window dressing to last for ages.

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